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Poker is a very popular game to play online. It is not as popular as it was a few years ago but it is still very popular and million of players play poker regularly.

pokerHere you can find the information you need to make an informed decision when you chose a poker room. Choosing a good poker room is very important and will have a large effect on your chances to win money when you play poker online. You need to find a poker room that offer a large selection of players to play against. If the poker room is home to a lot of weak players than that is even better.

On our website you can read reviews of many of the very best poker rooms and some not so good ones. If you want to play in a good poker room then I recommended Poker stars or Full tilt poker.

Best online poker rooms

Poker RoomBonusStrengths

New players get $20 free
  • Large selection of players

  • Many types of poker

  • Huge tournament selection
  • full tilt

    New players get 100% upp to $600
  • Large prize pools

  • Good Action

  • Well managed
  • Choosing the right poker room

    It is not always easy to decide which poker room that is the best choice. The difference between different rooms are very big. Each room offer different promotions, software, bonuses, payouts, games, support, banking options, free rolls, tournaments and so on.

    Which poker room that is the best choice will vary greatly depending on which type of poker you want to play. Almost all poker rooms offer a decent amount of opponents if you want to play Texas hold-em poker. If you want to play other types of poker then it is more important to choose a poker room that can offer a lot of other players that enjoy playing that poker type. The bulk of the information on this page is written with Texas hold-em players in mind.

    Some choices are less important and more a question of personal taste. An example of this is the exact layout that the poker room uses. Some poker rooms use a simple interface while other use advance 3D graphics to try to emulate a real poker table. Both versions works equally well to play poker on. Your preferences decide which type you should play in. It should however be noted that fancy 3D poker rooms seldom are a good idea if you have a slow internet connection. In this case a more simple design is a better choice. Simple sites will always offer quicker poker.

    We recommend that you make a list of everything you want in a poker room and then look for a poker room that offer everything you want. If you cant find one among the poker rooms we review on this site then you will be happy to know that there are hundreds of other poker rooms available online. We only feature a selection of the poker rooms we find to be the very best ones.

    online poker

    Casino poker

    Poker rooms are the right choice if you want to play poker against other players. If you want to play poker against the house, casino poker, then you should be looking for an online casino to play in. Most good poker rooms do not offer casino games and you will therefore be unable to play casino poker in them. A notable exception from this is Full Tilt Poker. A very good poker room that also offer a casino with games from NetEnt. Pokerstars also offer casino games.

    We do not recommend that you play casino poker. Casino poker games such as casino hold-em och Caribbean stud poker all offer the casino an edge and it is impossible to win money over time. If you want to win money you should stick to real poker games such as Texas Hold-em. However, playing casino poker is a great way to learn the game before you start playing in real poker rooms. Read more about casino poker and videopoker at CasinoGuide to learn the basics of the game and some useful strategies.

    Which is the best poker room

    There are many good poker rooms. In our opinion there are two that stands above the rest with a possible contender waiting in the wing. The two giants are PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker. Both are very well ran, owned by the same company, and offer a good selection of games and tournaments. They also have a very big number of members and you can always find a lot of action. The bigger of the two sites is PokerStars but my personal preference is Full Tilt.

    The contender that has the potential to become a very big site is Unibet poker. They offer a new very good software that isn’t part of any network. The software is very good and Unibet can become a very good site as they attract more players.